Exchange Palace

Szabadság Tér 17

Exchange Palace View1

Ingatlan Típus

Ingatlan Méret
30 000 m²
Szabad Terület
6 000 m² - 30 000 m²
Értékesítés Módja
Szabad Terület
From 2019

LeírásIde Kattintva Megnézheti Térképen Az Ingatlant

Ide Kattintva Megnézheti Térképen Az Ingatlant

The building has undergone several major transformations of use, serving as a military hospital during World War I and as the Lenin Institute just after World War II. In the 1950s, the Alliance of Technical and Scientific Associations occupied the building along with some early radio and television use. In the late 1950s the Hungarian state television corporation, Magyar Televizio (MTV), took over the building and over the next four decades made major physical changes to the building’s interior and exterior, drastically altering many of the large interior monumental public spaces to make way for television studios. In the summer of 2009, MTV moved to new headquarters, leaving the building vacant.
The massive masonry structure has an exterior of stone and stucco, with robustly articulated Classical facades accented with distinctive ornament in the style of the Hungarian Secession. The exterior has only had minor modifications and is generally in good condition.

You can also find the building listed on JLL's Office Finder website.

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